reflection on holiday-ness

mold yourself into the jello mold of the season taking with you only the good bits (this is my interpretation of said exercise)lights i shall be raspberry jello cause E, my husband, loves raspberry jello pretzel dessert which i think might need to be made soon.

i love holiday lights. how it gets dark so bloody early but we have colors to light up our spaces. i love the smell of cider. i love to bake. i adore staying up late and playing games or watching too many cheesy christmas shows.

i think turkeys and mashed potatoes are yum but you can keep the pumpkin pie unless it has a ginger cookie crust and carmel, then i will have one piece.

i love the idea of presents (but i hate going out to buying things)and in reality i often don't love what's in the present so i am conflicted in this. i've tried to do christmas without presents and then when the days comes i am so sad...images-3

i love appetizers and this is the one time of year you can make whole meals of different kinds of appetizers and no thinks it's weird. yumm i think i shall plan said meal :D

i love finding holly and cedar and decorating my mantel and alter with greens and nuts and pomegranates and other found treasures. i like walking in the fog and the first few days where the cold hits you and makes your breath turn to steam.

snowi love snow. i love how quiet the world gets when it snows. i love how it transforms a bleak landscape into something mystical, magical and mysterious. i adore a full moon on snow turning the world blue and silver and sparkly.

what i love most about the season is a good cup of tea, a book, a fire and the excuse to snuggle and go to bed early if one desires.

oh and popcorn balls! my grandma used to make and send us popcorn balls... i miss those! images-2