today i find myself with 10 bottles that want to be made into magic potions!  they are custom made for you. and filled with stones and scents that activate what you need activating.

maybe it's abundance, grounding, health, joy or a combination of all!

here's what you do

click buy button on the bottom of the page

email me and let me know if you want to talk over the phone or if email is easier, so i can get a clear picture of what to put in the potion and if you have any allergies or sensitivities.

then your potion will arrive in the mail 1-3 weeks later, or if you live in seattle we can arrange an exchange or an alchemy date and you can help make the potion.

the best part about this potion, because it is filled with magic and rocks and stuffs when it gets low you can add more of whatever your secret combination is and it will renew itself so you will never run out! ( i will send you your secret blend so you can buy ingredients)

it's beautiful and delicious and magic.

magic potions! because sometimes you just need the world to change right the fuck now.

i only have 10 bottles so act quickly.

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i might be persuaded to do this again in the new year but possibly this might be your one and only time to get this.

 a look into the process of creating your potion

a glimpse behind the curtain! welcome to the lab!

first i wander around the alchemy lab deciding what the base ingredients are, pictured here are rose water, water that has sat under the light of the solstice sun and the august blue moon, and two different Bach flower remedies.

then I wander around or thumb through books asking what secret activating stones, beads or treasures want to live in your potion and change your energy field.

the person i made this potion for wanted to emphasize the of magic, love and butterfly wings. pictured here are butterflies, faery dust, amethyst, tigers eye, turquoise, and a few other treasures.

i then shake and listen to the potion.

then i adjust the ingredients and stones adding any missing elements and making sure it feels balanced and full of the qualities you desired.

then we meditate together and i do some reiki and some dancing and some crazy energetic stuffs and poof!

magic potion!

it gets a label, a box full of fun and possibly some super charged ingredients that you add upon arrival.

it is mailed with a lid and a spray is included in the box so you can make this a dab on potion or a spray potion.

everything is food grade so it can be sprayed on skin and face, but there are tiny bits in it so please don't drink the magic potion.

you will get an email upon completion of your potion with pictures and a list of ingredients. Plus instructions on how and when to recharge your potion so it will never run out.

a bit of magic that is self renewing, you deserve the indulgence.

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