faeries on fridays #16

"...sometimes you have travel a long way to find what is near..." Paulo Coehlo Why is that the faeries want to know? Humans are so funny they say, they have to take themselves all the way to the other side of the planet to figure out what was right in front of their faces.

Ans I tell them, it's because we cant see what is in front of us when we are in our own environment. For how could we see the stuck or the block until it follows you to some foreign part of the world. When its right there at home we can discount it as normal, all part of the decoration plan.

The proverbial elephant in the room.

So we run away from home, from what is familiar, from people we know places we've been, street names we know how to pronounce.

And because we are all inclusive creatures we bring to only our physical luggage but all that other baggage too. And if we stay long enough we get past the normal insecurities and there patiently waiting is the elephant.

Hello stuff! I see you here, maybe it might be time to give you a name. How about Maisey the elephant, and you can be Leo the ferocious, and you can be Viola the tiny child. And I see you and maybe I can deal a bit with you or at least start a conversation because since I have seen you here, all the way around the world, when I go home it is going to be a lot harder to ignore you.

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