faeries on fridays #20

p.s. I am writing this week from a place on the verge of huge change. It is really scary to realize all you have to do is run forward towards happiness, and really confusing about how all the pieces will or won't fall into place behind you, and to think and wonder how do I take this leap and still pay the bills or still keep my friends or still... on and on... I just want you to know that the only reason I am writing this stuff is because I also need to learn and do it, that while I have lots of experience learning and listening, I have very little experience doing and that the tiny risks I have taken have all lead me to this place where I can see the importance of all of it and still have hesitancy grabbing that key and opening all the doors.

p.p.s. the secrect message of this entire post is that because you are made up of the universe to get anything you want in the world you just have to recognize yourself in it and then connect or pull it towards you. that is a lot harder and so much simpler than it sounds.

p.p.p.s. you don't have to know the how.

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