amy creates stuff
amy creates stuff
wake up, wake up, wake up and live!

about amy!

Hi! I am Amy, it is really lovely to have you here!

Here we talk about: transformation, clarity, validation, alchemy, gardening, food, art, creativity, play, nature, ritual, observing, healing, shamanism and so much more.

My purpose is to change the way you think about the world and how you live in it. once upon a time i said it was my job to heal the world, now i realize the way i can do that is to share the things i see, observe, notice and believe and your job is to use the information that fits for you and to leave the stuff that doesn’t.

You are amazing and this world is even more amazing and it is waiting for you to wake up and save the world in your own creative, magical way. i think a lot of the world has become zombies and the task of the day is to resist sleepwalking and wake up.

Who am I?

healer, idea generator, artist, stripy sock wearer, wanderer of places and spaces, frequent user of the library across the street, mystic, brunch-o-holic, and one of those dances in the street type people.

When we first meet I am super shy. It’s just the way I am… I might even act sort of awkward and say dumb stuff. (Especially if you ask me what I do for a living.)

But after that weeee! There has been known to be actual squeeing and dancing in circles and much hand flailing and hugging-but only if that’s all ok with you. I can also be very serious *nods*.

The Mission

.1.  Feet are important. Make sure yours are in good shape so they will carry you far.

2. Tarot helps you see and hear the secret signs the universe leaves to make your life easier. Plus it’s crazy awesome to have your stuck validated by a complete stranger who then works with you to get out of it.

3. It is ok to take care of me first, then everyone else. If you are depleted you cannot function to the best of your ability and save the world. People come here to fill up, to relax, to get re-connected, to find dreams and purpose and recharge super powers.

4. The world is fucking amazing. I see it as part of my job to point out some of this amzingness in the hope that you will also point me to the amazing in your world.

5. Somewhere in the act of growing up we forgot about magic, faeries, and being creative. I am here to help break that pattern and reintroduce you to the BIGGNESS of life and you. To help you wake up to the potential everywhere, and reintroduce you to nature because trees and flowers and open skies full of stars are our birthright and we forgot how amazing they are.

6. This place is alchemy in progress, a place where I blow stuff up and create unlikely combinations and you hopefully discover bits of gold that make you richer in person or pocketbook.