faeries on fridays #23

Because Faeries Love Homework: We are entering a profoundly magical time of year. But the magic has got a bit sucked out and turned into a competition of gift giving. This year I invite you to seek out and find what makes holidays sacred and special for you and who can you start to add some of that back into your experiences. All holidays, not just these winter ones. When you were small what is your favorite memory of gatherings with friend or family. What special foods were there? Was it that the good dishes came out or you got to stay up late and play games, was it the smell of gingerbread or painting cookies or birthday cakes?

Your homework this week is some thoughts for contemplation

What did you used to believe in?

When did you loos that connection?

Where is there potential for an opening within you to the magic of the universe?

Where is your innocence?

If magic did exist in this world what would it be used for and what might it look like?

For me a lot of celebration comes back to the beautiful foods presented nicely, the candles get to be lit, and driving down the street becomes a joy of colorful likes. There was also games, instead of watching TV my family would gather around the table to play games or build puzzles, even coaxing my grumbly dad to play a round or two. I miss living in the country where the power would occasionally go out simply for the festive necessity of candle light, a fire in the fireplace and playing games in the soft glowing light.

want to play with faeries every week? want to share the gift of faeries with someone else?

get betwixt and between.

let me know if you want to gift it and we will make arrangements