faeries on fridays #6

i am starting a new thing, it is called betwixt and between and it is a series of one post a week to explore the world of faery. this is an excerpt of a bigger post that you can get in your inbox once a week.

without further ado...

here is an example of faery homework because this weeks post included sex talk- i don't even know or pretend like i am controlling this experiment.

Because Faeries Love Homework:

Find a day and go watch the sunrise.

Take a thermos of tea and your breakfast, and a bunch of blankets, go out while it is still dark or just barely turning light and watch the world shift. The quiet, even in the city-that pre-dawn to dawn-- so much changes in sound and energy and lit windows.

Can't get outside because the parks around your house have too many homeless people? I understand. Drive somewhere and watch from your car with windows down or simple observe from your living room couch.

The birds! oh how the birds love the dawn. Listen to their songs evolve and change with the pre-light, dawn and light after dawn.

Capture tiny beads of dew on spiderwebs, flowers, grasses. MAGIC! Some say drinking dew off a leaf or from a flower has healing magics. Make sure not to choose poison ivy or stingy nettles that has other magics (magic of ouch).

Faeries know it is super hard to get up and out of bed so they promise to reward you with extra energy.

Leave a token of your appreciation to the earth (and faeries), some bread and cheese, or fruit, a beautiful stone or feather, a scrap of paper with a love note written on it.

Now the faeries would love to see you do this at least once a month so you can attune to the light as it changes each season in your space. They would also love to encourage you to find several spaces, by water, in the woods, in your house, in the mall parking lot. Getting in touch with the cycles of the season and the light help you not be so tired as the year cycles around.


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