because last weeks VPA had amazing results i am going to play again! #1 what i want: some r&r

still feeling exhausted but know that this weeks exhaustion is from being social every single day/evening last week. for tiny introverted me i am beat. so i have created that overly protective bubble in which there are no clients-which is not what i need.

what i do need is today. to do no more work from this ad forward, but to instead draw and paint and watch 3 movies if i so desire. to snuggle with the kitty and to take a short walk.

taking today will  allow clients to come on tomorrow, wednesday and thursday before i paddle off to blake island for a camping weekend.

what am i willing to do:

not feel guilty about needing a day to hide from everyone.

and if i do feel guilty to get out the monster notebook and write/draw about it.

#2 what i want: progress on the to do list

i finished this awesome business ebook by and now i have a 15+ ticky box to do list.

i would like progress (but no more today)

1 - 2 check boxes a day is enough.

what i am willing to do:

sit down and do something everyday. if i am not inspired to do 5-15 minutes of shiva nata

to see that tiny steps add up very fast and in 2 weeks everything will be off the list and it will be freaking amazing!

#3 what i want: to get to freaking Portland

i have many bags and boxs of stuff that need to go down to Havi and the Playground. costumes that need wearing and art stuff that need using up.

but i have to get back some costumes so they can be packed up, and i have to not be so freaking busy! so i can do an overnight because people i love live there and i don't just want to go and come right back home again.

what i am willing to do:

wait until the timing is right-be patient!

dance around the boxes and bags and keep finding more treasures to add to it.

trust that things are being put off so that i can easily connect with everyone i want to see and hug and eat ice cream with!


last week i asked for cost effective solution and easiness with fence building and floor doing project and a new client wrote and said she had both! AHHHH! amazing! so am figuring out details and dancing with joy because even though i am pretty sure the floor isn't enough-but-she is looking in Boeing classified ads for me which apparently contains magical stuff and holy moly i never even though to ask that the flooring or fencing materials just appear.

and now i am off to hide in a cave for the rest of the day and eat watermelon because i have lots of it and it is yummy. bye!