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i haven't done one of these in about a million years. yay! let's ask the universe and make things easier, because sometimes surrendering the effort makes things flow. what i want

some home improvement tasks to hurry up and be done and not cost very much (or for me to make lots of extra monies to pay for it)

we need a fence, and a new kitchen floor. in fact, there is a strange divot in front of the refrigerator that i am a bit afraid is going to eat my foot one day soon. possibly it is nothing. possibly there are carpenter ants slowly gnawing their way into our kitchen to invite themselves over for dinner. I would like it to be a non-expensive random dip in the floor that can be fixed with a new sheet of sub-floor and some screws. then i would like to find the most perfect flooring ever, that is thick to protect against cold winter winds and is interesting and hides the fact that i hate to sweep and is super easy to clean. plus of course it is on sale the day i find it.

what can i do

well i have my dad on the fence task, now all i have to do is pick a design and have him over for a couple of days to help me do it.

this seems easy, except the picking of the design-but i think i got it sorted out. and i don't think it will cost very much since he seems confident we can reuse our old posts. yay! recycle!

after i figure out the cost of fence i can then move forward with flooring. in which i shall visit several places and ask my friends who remodel many homes where they go.

if the floor is cheap enough will also treat kitchen to a coat of paint. in fact i will probably do that anyways. if it is cheap enough will buy the kitchen those insulated drapes for back door so it can stay warmer in the winter.

to make more monies to pay for all this i can keep playing with my money class, asking the money hedgehog what's next and keep returning phone calls to potential clients. maybe i shall also write a newsletter to remind people i am here.

maybe i should take care of this old floor like i would take care of a new floor so the new floor isn't afraid it is going to be gross and dirty all the time and is staying away from lazy sweeper me.

and the best solution is that i can make lots of monies, everything can be of high quality but cheap and it can all get done by the end of august! yay!

what i want #2


so much is swirling and changing in my life that i am exhausted and unmotivated 85% of the time.

what can i do

ahhhh! i can search for clues. because i am eating good and trying hard to exercise (which becomes more difficult the more exhausted you are) so i feel healthy-just super tired.

but i can totally look for energy giving clues or clues about my energy or clues that point me towards energy or clues that are energy.

some shiva nata would not go amiss either!

what i want #3

movement on a movement thing

this weekend there was lots of fear monsters and what-if monsters and scary boogie monsters all running around in my head trying to convince me movement was a really bad thing. (no wonder i am tired)

i appreciate their concern and that they are trying to help but ahhhhghhh.

what i can do

have a conference, pow wow, meeting of the minds to get all the issues out into the open and write them down.

then see if there are any i can solve right now and if so take action on them.

if i can't then find some compromises or safety or whatever feels best and loving and honoring.

to remind myself that this is good and normal and yay! processing here in my home before the scary is actually a super fantastical thing to have happen.

do some shiva with trust and flow and possibilities and whoosh and clarity and zoom and bing and ahhh as all the different positions.


you should play too! because asking for things brings in all sorts of creative solutions that wouldn't have necessarily presented themselves if you just sat there being all ho-hummy sad face about it.