2012 forcast in Major Arcana

Yes I know it's already the 12th of January but better late than never to get out a reading of the archetypal energies playing in 2012. I'm working on getting pictures in here but really I just wanted this out so I didn't forget about it again.

The Year 2+0+1+2=5 The Hierophant

A master teacher year, time to step up into your power and speak your mind. Also indicative of a time of deep spiritual learning. Dust off the altar, the meditation cushions or your Sunday best and dive into something bigger than you.

There is struggle in the 5, a struggle of leaders or mentors or religions trying to impose beliefs upon you. Keep your mind and your heart and trust yourself-you know you better than anyone else. The energies here are on reflecting out; how can I change the world? What does it mean to be part of this? What is my lesson in this?

The true essence of the 5 is to find you inner knowingness-that piece of you beyond intellect, that piece that just knows. Not intuition, although that is part of it but more like a combination of intuition and intellect... a deep knowing in your bones, your cells, every fiber of your being.

If you haven't experienced this yet in your life time this year will provide you ample opportunity to step into the energy and wear it around.

January 1+(2+0+1+2)=6 The Lovers

In the beginning we seek balance. Then we learn we have choices. With choice balance becomes harder.

There is so much wonky energy transferred onto The Lovers card so let's strip it all away (hee hee) and come back to the energy or essence of the card.

You are human. Therefor you are, on some level, out of balance. Especially after trying to figure things out in the 5, The Hierophant may have thrown you for a bit of a whammy and you are still trying to understand.

The Lovers come in to help clarify, also to make things a bit more edgy with an additional choice. You can stay where you are, it's grand and comfortable or you can jump on this chariot we are about to offer you and evolve.

It all comes down to 'should I stay or should I go?' This might make January a very annoying month of continuous decision making and struggle with what the hell do I want-I don't even know anymore. This will pass.

February 2+(2+0+1+2)=7 The Chariot

The Chariot swoops in and takes us to the next place, the next level, the next grand adventure.

It's a rickety contraption, driven by a white and black horse (balance sought in the 6 Lovers) and man o man if you've got enough guts to step into the chariot you had better hang on for dear life.

Part of the joy of The Chariot is the confusion of "am I driving this thing or am I just holding on for dear life and letting the horses lead". In the end it matters little. And while you can try to control your destination, in the end you will arrive exactly where you are supposed to.

Allow yourself to give up the reigns to fate in February, to go on unexpected journeys, and/or step up despite the fear of the unknown.

March 3+(2+0+1+2)=8 Strength

This is one of my most favoritest cards in all tarot. Mainly because it is about how power does not come from strength over anything but simple from having the strength to be vulnerable allowing love to tame all foes.

Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. After stepping off the crazy-ass chariot ride you have more confidence and strength. Use it this month to move forward with ease.

Learning to step into this power / confidence takes time and trust. Set yourself up for success by deciding you have super powers and chopping tasks into bite size chunks so you can repeatedly win and add to your confidence.

Follow intuition. Don't push so hard, save your energy, focus on love instead of force.

April 4+(2+0+1+2)=9 The Hermit

The Hermit does not teach us of reclusive-ness but rather of turning our focus inward so that we may then shine our light and focus outward. By retreating in we see the importance of connecting out. This is in complete contrast to The Hierophant-he turns out projecting, the Hermit turns in reflecting.

This is an opportunity to recharge your batteries, to learn of our inner workings, to discover something new about self and then turn all that new brilliance and knowledge out on the world. Shine the light in, to shine brighter out.

Fill your own cup first so you have the resources to heal the world.

May 5+(2+0+1+2)=10 Wheel of Fortune

Really others say everything needed so much better that I can "the times they are a changing" sing along in your nest Bob Dylan imitation.

Also useful here, the buddhist concept of non-attachment is super helpful. Because if everything is always changing, it's be so much easier to allow the changes if we weren't attached to our stuff and the outcome.

How can you ease into change before change takes it from you?

"let it be, let it be" let it go, let it go

(also at play 10=1+0=1 The Magician)

The power to transform and creation is with you this month. Find and follow awe. Know that in order for the law of attraction to work, you have to bring it through your very human self and if you are not connected to yourself-well why would anything you desire show up? You aren't there to receive it-be there, be here, be present and accept the gifts-hee hee present/gifts :D

June 6+(2+0+1+2)= 11 Justice

We pause to gather knowledge and learn before we decide the next step. A small, but active break in our learning curve.

We balance and weigh our learning thus far and we harness the power of the sword to bring truth and clarity into our awareness and to cut away what no longer serves.

(also at play 11=1+1=2 The High Priestess)

The energy of The High Priestess is also playing with you this month. Things are getting a bit heavy as we have The Hierophant as overall energy, combining with Justice and the High Priestess. Whoa! I'd stay clear of political conversations and anyone who is going to push you to deliver your opinion right now. You might need to retreat and make people come find you if they need things from you.

Sometimes silence is more powerful than speaking.

Read a lot this month.

July 7+(2+0+1+2)=12 The Hanged Man

Here we arrive at the willingness to take a stand and go completely out on a limb for it.

Things are becoming a bit uncomfortable as we strive forward, and although we desire to be of service there is a bit of hesitancy. In the end we realize we are ultimately here to serve and we make a bit of a sacrifice to our own comfort in order to help another.

The important thing to remember in this card is this was a choice: I choose to be in this awkward position so that I may learn and help and be of service.

I choose to look at the world with fresh eyes, and to do so I might need to hang from a tree by my foot (or better yet do a headstand).

(also at play 12=1+2=3 The Empress)

Plant seeds (literal and metaphorical) for future harvest, trust your gut and harvest the ripeness of the energy around you. Frolic in the experience of living fully and embrace that side of you that just wants to retreat into nature and live by her rule. Let you hair down and shake your hips to dispel some of the heavier energy this month.

August 8+(2+0+1+2)=13 Death

Death is the card where everything changes. You have sacrificed part of yourself so that you may evolve. Death is rarely ever literal death, most times it speaks of an ego bit or belief system we choose to transform (kill) in order to grow.

When death is active everything may feel like struggle. The more you can turn and face the fear, ask questions of your inner critics and focus on recharging your self, the easier this transformation can be.

Being confronted with your beliefs systems is never easy, asking them to leave so you can grow is harder yet. Know that old beliefs are trying to keep you safe so reassure them that you are safer here in this place, without them, and maybe find a new job for those inner critics.

(also at play 13=1+3=4 The Lord)

You might feel pulled to make grand plans, to overlook where you are going and examine where you have been. The Lord comes in to teach us about structure so that we can own it, use it and then find short cuts, allowing more time to build and expand and grow.

Anything you've ever wanted to do and not got it in yet? Start planning a way to make it happen. Put it on your calendar and make it a priority and watch how things line up to make it real.

September 9+(2+0+1+2)=14 Temperance

Wee! More balancing. This time with full artistic license blessed by spirit.

Make a mess. Get your inner scientist involved add artist license and become the alchemist, randomly flinging together elements in the pursuit of discovery of unknown things.

The more you can play, the more you can listen to that tiny inner voice to grander the experiments and pay off.

(also at play 14=1+4=5 go back to The Hierophant)
October 10+(2+0+1+2)=15 The Devil

It's all about power baby. And if you live in the USA on an election year you have had it up past here with the power talk.

The essence of the Devil card is WAKE UP. The more conscious you can be the less likely you are to be lead astray by promises, or taken advantage of, or run over.

Stand up for yourself, stand in your power and just breathe. You don't have to act or re-act, you can simply be and that is more powerful than any force.

The Devil wants you to believe you have no power and will offer you shiny things, lots of distractions, some substances to cloud your mind and when you come out of the fog and look around will laugh at your confusion of the destruction you have done.

Don't follow the easiest path this month, stay grounded and alert and awake. If you need to escape reality plan times to indulge in movies marathon and ice cream splurges and make it deliberate and on your terms.

(also at play 15=1+5=6 go back to The Lovers)
November 11+(2+0+1+2)=16 The Tower

Change is knocking at your door. You can approach it and voluntarily change or you can resist it and have it stripped from you in all its icky destructiveness. I vote for being the 6 year old stacking blocks as high as they can and then knocking them all down with joy and delight. The other option is to have it sneak up on you and like the 2 year old be startled by the blocks falling and then cry a bit, but ultimately you get back into the game. Your third option is resist and then have a tornado or hurricane have it all ripped away in ugly yuckness.

What remains true in all these scenarios is a foundation. The base never completely falls apart, there is always a wee bit left to start over with.

The more we can actively (and maybe with a bit of glee) strip away the old bits the less that has to change ultimately.

Embrace the crazy. Take good care of yourself, and cackle like a crazy witch while stepping into your chariot.

And for god's sake if you can vote in the USA do it or we may be doomed!

(also at play 16=1+6=7 go back to chariot)
December 12+(2+0+1+2)=17 The Star

My other most favoritest card in the tarot. A card filled with awe, vulnerability, light and dark. The star reminds us of our tiny insignificance and yet at the same time reminds of our huge reach and potential and connectedness to the universe.

Seeing the night sky we marvel in awe at how big, how strange, and yet familiar it all is.

We cast our wishes and used to believe that when we recited the "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight..." our wish would one day return to us.

It's time to recapture our desire to shine, our innocence and awe. It is time to step up and open to the vulnerability and fragility of our life and to expand both inward and outward at the very same time.

To embrace and live in contradiction, knowing it is not at all contradictory.

You are more than you can even imagine and it's time to stop living so small. There are endless variations and possibilities and the more you can open the more you can see and play in them.

(also at play 17=1+7=8 go revisit Strength)

Now go forth and make shit happen. Come back here to check in often, and share any thoughts, stories or adventures in the comments.

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