Tarot Reading #2

vacation has got in the way of getting more of these done. i know excuses! someday i am going to learn how to not need excuses and just be ok with the fact that things did not go as planned and other stuff happened instead. here is secret tarot reading number #2 i hope you get a thing or two out of it's wisdom. remember i don't like to edit these as it breaks up the intuitive flow.

a very royal spread today. in tarot the 4 cards of the royal family often represent moving on to higher integration and understanding of the core issues of the suit.



page of wands

wands are a firey creatures and the page or princess is one of the most intoxicating, passionate and forceful creatures in all the tarot. I adore her, how she struts her stuff, speaks her mind, embodies her ideas and ideals, nurtures and debates, dreams and makes shit happen.

its a great time to allow your passion to control your mouth, your focus and your plans. even if everything ends up changing tomorrow to have allowed this confident, radiant being out to play is pure alchemical magic all in its self.

take special note of the creatures playing some music in the lower corner-you might find particular drive and inspiration through song, dance or spoken word.

the foxes have come out to play, or in one case to nap. i always associate foxes with both the qualities of dog, cat and raccoon for they are truly magical and mysterious creatures. be lead on a wild chase and see where you end up.

queen of swords

of all the suite in the tarot the swords are the hardest to learn, to embrace and to figure out. this queen has undergone massive transformation to get where she is. this might be a time of reflection on how far you have come. especially while partnered with the vibrant energy of the page who looks to the future the queen stands as the bridge between what has been and what is possible.

she is the embodiment of metamorphosis, collected thought, and deep knowing. she has carved away the beliefs of other and the truths thrust upon her through life and stepped firmly into a place of deep knowing and truth.

you might find clarity and ease in all matter of communication, use this time to get the words out there is a time later on for revision and editing but for now let the words flow unaltered, and unhampered. there is deep learning and reflection that will occur weeks or months from now when you revisit the words of these next few week.

a deep and beautiful vulnerability exposed. not raw or awkward or uncomfortable. just pure, simple, beauty. refreshing and real and true.

on a side note, i adore how this lovely queen seems to be shooting butterflies out into the world from her curved sword which seems to have become a bow.

the emperor

embodiment of the masculine the emperor seems to provide this reading with a bit of balance. in all the world the emperor is most concerned with order.

he is a master at systems, organization and communication. (all of these cards have felt with communication!) the testament of any good emperor is his ability to delegate and to create trust in his community. what can you do today to release some of your unnecessary burdens to create some openings in your schedule to then fill with events that foster trust, deepen communication and reinvigorate your community?

this is an opportunity to look over the function of your daily life and then create a series of hacks, or shortcuts that allow you to free up your days and nights for things that will take you further faster. i know it's super hard, for to release things means letting them slide for a bit but trust me the energy is perfect to let things slide and reacquaint yourself with your long range vision.

in the top of the card is etched with nature cycles. daily tasks are important but loose sight of the long vision and suddenly it's winter and you've forgotten to make the necessary arrangements to get through.


this is a magical time ripe for honing in and harnessing your words, your vision and your daily actions. tiny changes right now will lead to big end results in a few months time. be sure to allow the flow and don't censor or edit at this time as there is some deep truths and vulnerabilities ripe and ready to be seen and transformed.

take good care to stay grounded in the heady time. long walks, baths, yoga or stretching will all help.

creative, transformative alchemy heading your way!

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