tarot reading #3

cards for the yes ace of cups

indicates new beginnings and new opportunities as well as the start and development of new relationships. cups indicate that there is a huge emotional attachment to the outcome and development of this adventure.

aces hold the full and complete potential of the entire suite indicating that there is great potential and great frustrations ahead as you learn and navigate the new opportunity.

the gesture of the character and her standing in a pool show that your energy is the most important thing and you can only give away the overflow so as not to drain yourself. remember to renew and fill your cup and everything will turn out in your favor.

high priestess

the first knowing that popped into my brain upon seeing this card is to trust your intuition on this matter. while the world outside is hustling and bustling you know inside how to stop, create and make shit happen.

the high priestess tends to  be introverted and withdrawn and therefore an interesting draw for this question. showing that possibly  there is more information to be gathered, possibly just more meditation which will strengthen your trust in your own knowing.

summery of the yes: the opportunity feels ripe for the taking as long as ou make sure to use your energy wisely and don't over extend yourself as that will lead to both emotional distress and lack of trust in your decision which again will cause distress and frustration.

also while you might love hiding away (high priestess) the above cups indicate that it might be time to let the world see you.

Cards for the No

7 pentacles

the seven indicates several things most of all that patience is your friend and taking stock of the situation is needed. the 7 is often a recovery card from the hardships of the 5 and talks about the need to get into good habits and doing the same thing over and over will eventually lead you to a new level of confidence.

a holding pattern is what this card indicates, which may not be the energy you want to cultivate-but knowing this inclination to hide out, chill and sit back are going to be pulling on you no matter what you choose.

knave/page of pentacles

a card that indicates standing still with a card that sits upon a flying pentacle. what a combination-the classic should i stay or should i go?

there is lots here that about wanting to fly and wanting to sit still and never move again.

knaves are the manifestoes of their desires and when things are not going the way they desire they simply look around see what makes more sense and re-writes the future by changing it. this beauty wants to make shit happen-maybe she needs a writing utensil to communicate some thoughts and ideas to you.

summary of the no: it is amazing how much frustration ooze out of these two cards-each pulling at the other, each wanting a different thing.

looking at the reading as a whole i'd actually move the Knave up to the yes pile and leave the sleepily little troll to tend his swamp.

tarot reading

tarot reading

summary of the reading as a whole: i'd say you've pretty much already moved this whole thing into fruition and manifestation, its just a matter of it actually showing up in the physical world now.

be wary of over extending yourself and resources. be wary of wanting to hide-you have two highly introverted cards so make sure they have some alone and rejuvenation time to ponder, heal and just be.

gather your focus and your intention and intuition and make this a YES instead of a half-assed yeah, probably should do this.