tarot reading #4

this reading was uniques in that my guides wouldn't let me re-read this after writing it so please excuse any mistakes.




the artist and alchemist of the tarot temperance brings the space and opportunity to risk, dream, divide and conquer.  she is driven to to seek balance and to find her perfect expression and then throw it all away and start again. she is not afraid of failure and seeks out risks like they are chocolate or potato chips.

when temperance enters your life it is time to consider throwing everything you thought you knew about anything out the window and throwing new things together to seek out magic.

the yucky part about temperance, she is often dissatisfied and frustrated with her experiments and creations. the problem with an artist is often there inability to stick with anything long enough to see if it will catch and or become trendy and often they walk away only to watch as other take their cast offs and succeed.

this dissatisfaction is why temperance is often found in water. it soothes the nerves, helps to ground and brings clarity, inspiration and balance.

what happens if i do this? what happens if i throw these 6 things together? is often a boon for cooking but in relationships can feel a bit much sometimes, just know this days/times are just a crockpot gone bad and throw it out and order some takeout-don't let it cloud your perception of all future cooking experiments :D

queen of pentacles

i adore this queen with her calm demeanor and her grounded nature. with her dinner parties and her peacefulness.

allow this to be easy.

that is all. allow that this can be as easy as blinking, or breathing or pumping blood through your veins. unconscious, natural with a very intimate and amazing rhythm.

in other news.

pentacles deal with all our worldly interactions but the thing they deal mostly with, that readers often overlook, is our body. without our body we cannot hold treasure, earn money, build a house, enjoy the world. so if you want some advice from the queen heal yourself, trust yourself, and push yourself to a knew understanding and way of being through your beautiful body.

your body is truly magic-ask temperance to help experiment, risk, ground and transform.

the moon

ok so here's the deal with the moon. its fucking magical.


it fucking tests you

partnered with these cards there is some serious clean up happening. which is so amazing you won't even believe it.


it's clean up of past wounds, past horrors, past trust issues and all the bloody skeletons.

the gorgeous thing is you were already in alignment to do this work. the crux of it is entering a relationship with speed up both the processing time and the inability to just ignore it.

often times the moon card is picture with a dog and a wolf. what the moon pulls from you is your undomesticated fuck it all wolf side. embrace her, dance with her fear, her power and her need to shred all the domesticated, whimsy bullshit dog parts. let her rampage and ravage and get it out of her system and then introduce her to the power, loyalty, and ferociousness that still exists within the dog. in essence what can be feared is that by going on this journey we will loose the most important parts of ourselves to fall into alignment with the earth.

the moon wants you to know you will never forget your wild side-she wanes and grows each month, like the tides she controls you are powerful and this journey into the dark with actually show you your light.