tarot reading #1

I have brilliant and amazing people in my life, some of whom happen to also be clients. I was chatting with one of my long time clients the other day and together we realized I had a thing I did which was amazing and easy for me and maybe, I should offer that up to the world. She commented that she wanted a 3 card reading and was going to ask that I bring my cards with me on my next reflexology house call. But she stopped herself because she so enjoyed receiving the readings via email. "I love your writing, and the way you talk about the cards" and we both paused and thought-I could just do that for people on the blog. Random people who are subscribed to my email list, or friends of mine or what not and that could be my marketing tool.

So here we go on a new adventure! Just you, me, a set of tarot cards and my cat chaos who might pop in once in a while to interject some emphasis or draw some cards on her own.

If the focus of this reading is for you, I have sent you a secret email. Nothing will point to you in the reading because the beauty of tarot is that it had meaning for each of us. But if I was drawn to draw some cards for you, I will let you know and point you here. If you want to be considered for a reading please sign up for my email newsletter (I only send them out about quarterly).



I proof my readings to make sure they make sense but I don't correct a lot of the rambling, or the weird punctuation because sometimes I think that might be a secret code that only you can understand.

10 wands

In tarot 10's are a transition place. we are moving from the numbered cards into the royalty cards, which indicates in real life a stepping into a bigger role or moving onto a new path. Because this is a transition point things sort of stop, and sometimes we don't know why and it feels super uncomfortable to basically be standing still.

The 10 of wands is interesting because it asks you to release your burdens, to lay down the worlds problems and to continue your journey free from the burdens you carry. These may be your own burdens, they may be ancestral, or they may be the world's. what ever the burden you need to leave it in a safe place and continue on the path. There is more waiting for you but you are having a hard time getting there due to all these excess thoughts.

Wands deal with our career, our creativity, our passions. If you find that these things are feeling nonexistent it is because of excess responsibility, work or burdens-your focus and energy are being drained.  All of these tasks, issues, woes and burdens will be right there waiting for you, so lighten up and pick them up again later on down the trail. Hopefully you when you run into them again you will realize you no longer need to support them.


The alchemist and artist of the tarot deck temperance loves to experiment, play and figure out what makes things tick.  She is likely to be found in her room of curiosities turning lead into gold and designing a ship for interstellar travel.

This ally might find her way into your world once you release the burdens of the 10, and re-ignite your passions and help you step up and take some risks. She will likely want to testable play time and messy creative time followed by snuggles and napping.

I adore temperance her longing to balance yin/yang and investigate the wonders of the world inspire, delight and will fill you with awe if you let it.

fall in love with your life again. play a bit more. and don't be afraid to make a mess.

6 Pentacles

I have a love/hate relationship with this particular card. Partially because like temperance it is all about balance-but it's weird. So let's break it down.

Pentacles deal with all the things we interact with and use here on earth: money, home, food, shelter, things, and body. Sixes are often where things go a bit wonky but in pentacles we are actually starting to recover from the wonky energy of the 5.

Seen in this particular rendering of the card is a figure playing a pipe, sitting on a water feature spitting both water and money on a seedling. In most rendition of the card you see beggars handing people money-ironic in many ways right.

This card is about compromise, but compromise in a way that re-established flow. This card is like the tides in the ocean, sometimes it's high and sometimes it's low but there is this underlying pattern that pulls and pushes and we are not at liberty to change the pull of the moon and the force of gravity.

In essence this card is about surrendering to the natural rhythms of your life, the underling pull. Partners on one side by temperance and the other with the queen of swords, who we will get to is a second, there is some serious power wanting to shift things. Maybe its time to let it.

Maybe it's time to sit back, play our pipe and see where we wash up in the morning.

Queen of Swords

I love the picture of this queen, how her bow is a sickle of the moon and her arrows are butterflies. WOW!

So swords is the hardest suite in the tarot because swords deals with our connection to our personal truth and the fact that often to get to our personal expression of truth we have to slay several version of ourselves and destroy the ego again and again. almost every card is a battle to claim yourself, and this card is no exception.

But here in the queen the battle is won. she has evolved and learned, she understands herself and had transitioned from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

This queen embraces and is metamorphosis. Side note when a caterpillar turns into goo and starts to reform into a butterfly those cells are called imaginal cells- cells of pure imagination.

This queen will help you articulate where you want to go next, will help provide you with the vision and the ability and clarity to set the goals and take the steps to get you there. The problem is partnered with all these other super powers, she is not going to allow you to sell yourself short of compromise. She is going to push you to be more, and she is going to start to make things uncomfortable if you decide you just want to sit around or stay put. She's not asking you to stop everything and be different but she is warning you that you can't go back, and change has occurred and you no longer fit in the old box.


This is a call to lay down old thoughts, patterns and beliefs (10 wands) re-discover delight and reintroduce creativity into your daily world (temperance) allow this creativity burst to move you to a new place (6 pentacles) and step into the you that is waiting just beyond your vision(queen swords). The world is a big place and you are ready to start being seen in it.

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