friday check-in #1 (if i put a number on it it will make it real)

the beginning of a self indulgent series where i take a moment to reflect upon the week.tree-tarot and you can share your stories too! Havi calls these Friday Chicken but somehow even though i love and adore Havi and her words i cannot make this be a chicken

so it's just a boring old check-in

so the hard

am processing old money patters and grief about monies and fear-well not so much the fear this week as the anger

am still getting a bit of the short end of the stick and have still said nothing which is haaaard but it will pass and become perfectly clear soon.

no clients this week-clients where are you?

sleepy- maybe that is why there are no clients

complete weather reversal. monday there was snow [the non sticking kind but still]! the cold has returned and today the wind-burr! tea and fleece have been my companions this week.

the good

tarot parties! at the melting pot. where they were rude to my new friends in the bridal shower. bad melting pot! [free wine was given and hopefully a discount on the bill as well.]

but we were amazing and strong party of troopers and we played swap places and read tarot off serving trays while dunking bits of fruits and veggies into cheese! i left before the chocolate-woe is me ( i wish i had pictures of the serving tray tarot... maybe one of the ladies will see this and forward me some :D)

can i tell you how much i adore tarot parties!

sooooooooo much!

Happy Hour rocked my socks and totally exhausted me. But i got to make feet AND backs happy cuz our massage guy was teh sick. so crazy busy was me and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

i made an apron! out of an old skirt and a torn pair of overalls and it makes me happy in its wonkyness- it looks like a 5 year old made it. so much love! must get buttons and frog charms and other bits to stick all over it.

reflexology party tonight! YAY!

i am the party queen this week!

staying in my pajamas until 1pm most days this week was awesome!

2 movies in one week! 2! Valentine's Day and Alice both lovely and a fabulously indulgent time of hanging out with friends.

friends! i love friends! got to catch up with some, commiserate with some and celebrate! plus make new friends!