in which i reflect the Hard


not enough of it

too much of it

not enough of it spent making monies

forgetting my phone and people actually calling. the only day it happened and the phone is sitting on the counter instead of with me... arghhh!

the good

clients. i love my people!

meetings with old friends and old students

being useful

people asking me things and then saying thanks

fishes! Helle hath fishes! there will be names and bios soon do not worry

in which i learn things which were unknown to me there is a reason i collect vast amounts of knowledge. so that one day a client can say they want houseplants that are good at removing toxins and i can nae 3 and know where my list of others is.

lady gaga is incredible! how have i not spent hours and hours watching all her videos

words continue to baffle and amaze me

story creation is all about the invisible-more to be said later when it is not 10pm