once again friday defeats me

three weeks in a row! for shame! there has been so many new developments and changes in my life and schedule since coming out of helle and well fridays got left in the dirt for a bit.

i am hoping things will settle and start up again soon.

but until that day, here is me giving you the low down for the past 3 weeks on a saturday

the hard

trust-understanding that everything is going to be ok and actually feeling like everything is ok are two very different things. this past month i have been trying to settle the part that feels, and freaks out, and cries, and laughs in delight. it has been a bit of a roller coaster.

getting stuff done. i have been trying to finish up my tiny book for mother's-to-be for a little over 6 weeks now. and i am frustrated by my own procrastination, by travel which has made it difficult to deal with anything but travel, and with my fears of all things technical which have to be wonky so things are further delayed.

travel-this one is a double edged sword because i actually want to travel more for both work and play. but i don't travel enough to know how to maintain any sort of routine or proper business maintenance so there is a whole tonne of things left undone and a whole lot of catching up post travel... routines will come, once i start doing more but until then i  am floundering a bit and trying to be ok with that.

the good

so the fear of where will clients come from and will i make enough monies after leaving helle were dumb. i had my best month ever in the history of barefoot phoenix. in fact i made 2+ months normal income O.O now some of that was rent paid back so i actually earned it last january, and a lot of it is a huge package of sessions that i will be working off this summer. but still! i'm not sure how to deal besides dance around madly.

my amazing partner started his new job and after settling in a bit and dealing with his monsters, an office job seems just the ticket. it's an office job where he gets to write music people! and that makes me beyond happy.

SIFF (seattle international film festival) is about to end and i am finally seeing films... this year everything happened during the festival so not much was seen or done by our family. yesterday i saw a brilliant film by kiwi's filmed in auckland, a magical place full of volcanoes... it makes me long to return soon! "under the mountain" was it's name and it had red headed twins and saving of the world and weta costumes and sam neil. go see it if you can find it or put it on your netflix list cuz it's a big enough film that it will at least get to netflix. tonight we are seeing a vampire musical and i cannot wait. lucas grabeel from high school musical is in it and i plan of laughing my head off at this rock musical with teen-age vamps.

my garden is trying to grow but the sun is not cooperating. watering it has not been a problem since all its been doing is raining... but today. today there is sun. and the first of the strawberries and raspberries are coming in and the sun will just speed things up even more!

it's tofu taco day at marination, the mobile food cart that comes every saturday and i cannot wait for lunch!