barefoot running

tons of stuff out there in the world showing up around barefoot running! 1101920736_23a9732f93YAY! it makes me want to try running again--almost. here in Seattle you are lucky! you want to learn how to run barefoot you can find the vibram 5 fingers, your friends won't  look at you too weird, there are lots of trails and places to practice, and you can even find  Barefoot Ted!

he has classes and training in barefoot running so you don't hurt yourself (which would then make you resent the barefoot and that would be sad.) avoid pain and injury, get some help! his Intro class is $75 for 75 minutes and you can bring a friend or 2 without paying anymore!

feet tired and achy afterwords? come see me! reflexology will stretch you out, sooth your soles and make the transisition to barefoot running easier!