word sleuthing

so i am playing with words. i need new ones for old things and for new fun help me out yeah?

reflexology: the description on the Helle website is yuck and if has the word massage in it. which is not ok. i've already told the web mistress but it is still there so i have decided to take control by creating a brilliant tiny description that fits the helle image and makes me smile.

but i am stuck... cause i know too much as i teach it and it's all boring and technical-yawwwnn!

so i'm thinking about things like "more relaxation per square inch",  "your feets and body will jump up and thank you", "kick off your shoes and fall asleep"

help these all suck but there might be a kernal that "sticks" and can be flushed out into awesome

i also need helle type description to new session called Saved! it's basically chakra energy balancing or deep alignment to body, reflexology to ground and synthesis and balance and spinal massage to sooth and energize chakra paths.

any ideas?