remember when you were little and you got to call do overs if you messed up, or freaked out or said it all tree-tarotwrong? today i am starting over.

i have planted many, many seeds over the last 4 years and today i am shouting out DO OVER.

i take it all back.

clean slate.

what should the first mark i make be?

i am claiming my super hero powers of healing. you feel like yuck, you hurt? you need to come here. yes massage envy other massage places can give you a fabulously crap-tastic massage for half the price i charge but it won't last. and it might make things worse.

you want things done gentle, and right. come here.

i do massage, i master reflexology, and i also do wonky energy techniques that have no name that i know of.

really, you want the reflexology with a bit of other stuff thrown in. trust me :D

Second mark on the new shiny canvas

i know things

or rather things come to me when we plonk down tarot cards or we play in a Muse session.

what does this mean? it means when i claim my power amazing stuff comes out of my mouth and gets heard by your ears that brings on epiphanies that changes your world.

does this happen all the time... no way! why? because i have been too afraid to really stand up and say I am fucking awesome and if you are stuck you need to email me.

it also sometimes doesn't rock your world cause you aren't ready to hear it or what has been said is meant to percolate and wake you up in the night 3 weeks later with an ahha! of epic proportions.

*sorry for the swearing but it needs to be claimed with bright colors and explosive words

claim to fame  #3

i am an artist! YES! an artist. i paint and doodle and stuff. and you can someday see my stuff, well you can see some of it here on the website. like the tree in this post!

if you like my buttons on the side there <- the non-boring facebook symbol and cute little envelope and you want them to live on your website leave a comment and i will send you them. someday i will just have a download now button but i don't want to take the extra hour to figure it out today.

YAY do-overs rock!

here i am world!