sunsetyou blog reader get advanced notice of my super secret special happening November/December get more treatments, spend less $

Reduce holiday stress, indulge in the self love, escape the rain to a heated table and reflexology or massage.

November is all about find grace and gratitude. To help me in this endeavor I am desiring to work more, spreading more relaxation and love into fall.
My big package 5 sessions for $325 is on sale this month only. You get 5 sessions, you pay for 4.
ONE FREE! you have to love free.

Now it's still a chunk of change so you can also split the package up between friends. Never before have I allowed this confusion to happen, but I know it will be awesome!

Is there a catch? Yes. You have to use all 5 of your sessions before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. You have 9 weeks from today to get them in! I think you can do it! and there's a slightly different price if you pay with credit

You can mix and match tarot, reflexology, and yes, I'll even do massage.

$300 for 5 sessions offer ends on Thanksgiving.

split up the sessions between friends: 2 friends pay $150 each get one-60 minute AND one-90 minute session each 3 friends pay $100 each get one-60 minute AND one-45 minute session each

read the fine print on the specials page under menu of services