my life is on sale

so it seems people might either a)have a hard time receiving b) don't trust things that say free or c) not want to take advantage of the person offering things up for free.

so let me spell it out for you. i want you to come in and see me for a session. i need to build my client base and get more people in for healing during these stressful times in our history. you are not taking advantage of me, i am offering my time in exchange for yours and if you feel you get the better end of the deal go out and do something nice for others. this "special" was brought on by a radio interview of random people stepping up in this economy and doing random generous acts. i don't have money to give you all but i seem to have a lot of time. so come grab yourself a slice of it.

until sunday may 10th, when you bring a friend to a session you both receive an hour of my time for the price of one of you. what does this look like?

two 60 minute reflexology sessions for $75 ($37.50 each)
two 60 minute tarot readings for $100 ($50 each)
two 90 minute 'afternoon w/ your soul' session (combo of both tarot and reflexology) $225 ($112.50 each)

yes it's a steal. yes you should sign up now. why? cause it really sucks trying to be nice to people and they ignore you and the gesture. but mostly cause i want to meet new people and to help people de-stress. it's hard functioning on a daily basis and we are all strapped for cash so spread some love and some money around and get yourself a little nurturing.