my personal mission to wake up, wake up, wake up and live!

fully, gloriously, and messily.

here is where dreams start their journey to reality-

I am gathering a tribe of intrepid explorers on a mission to discover our gifts, heal, and change the world

eyes wide open, trying not to fall back asleep and into the status quo.

Will you join me on this healing adventure?



There are 3 main ways to journey with me in person

1) healing of the feet and body through reflexology

2) healing of the mind, body and spirit through tarot

3) healing go the body, mind, and soul throughshamanic reiki

Reflexology works it's magics by re-booting your nervous system and healing the feet that carry you on all your adventures.  It's an amazing and addictive and hard to describe. You can learn all about reflexology by clicking the feet to the right or using the drop down menu above.

the wishing tree

the wishing tree



Tarot works its magic by connecting you to stories and archetypes that bring you into alignment with your higher self. By aligning with this higher self all of those things (relationship, job, life) fall into place easily and you enjoy the journey of being human.  Learn more by clicking the tree to the left or using the drop down menu above. 

Shamanic Reiki is a combining of two ancient energy traditions mixed into one amazing experience. The best part of a shamanic reiki session is that we have no idea until we get there what we are going to shift that day. These sessions are deeply restorative and often energizing as the intention is to free you from restrictions and help your thrive. Learn more by clicking on the wings or in the drop down menu above.

Things have changed recently here at barefoot phoenix:

I work in my home, or I come to yours depending on the session type and circumstance. Ask and we will see what feels right. I also have an Airbnb in the house which means getting to your session is sort of like going to a healing speak easy. I will send you specific instructions when you book your appointment.

I am very bad at talking on the phone, that is all. 

Tarot readings are available via email. Any day, any time,  you may submit your questions here and I will get back to you ASAP (usually within 24-48 hours unless I am traveling)