i've been thinking a lot about my job and the VERY diverse aspects of it. and how confusing that can be for others who haven't met or worked with me yet.

i must look bizarre from the outside. i do reflexology, and tarot and sometimes i do them both with tea. i write ebooks, and teach in places whose names begin with "p" (portland and port townsend). plus i do art and sell permission slips.

and i think it's all grand.

but others might run away terrified that i suck at each and everyone of these things because there is so many choices i can't possibly do them all well. right?

so it brought me to the question of if i had to choose just one thing what would it be?

and i picked psychic.

only i hate that word (but more on that in another post).

and here is why.

a good psychic can tune into your energy and help you heal, like in a reflexology session.

a psychic can help get you information on life path and stuckness and all sorts of stuff in a tarot reading.

a psychic gets information and turns it into art and channels it into magical costumes of permission.

a good psychic has many ways they impart information and help others learn to harness their gifts and express their innate abilities.

plus as a psychic i don't have a problem talking to your house or to the faeries all around.

so i am choosing my gift of translation, my ability to step outside myself and into the cosmic flow and to bring back information, healing, light, love and beauty back to you. i am stepping into my role as gifted psychic.

i am so very very curious as to where this is going to lead me.