this blog post has eluded me for at least 3 weeks.

for some reason it does not want to be written. so i am going to gently write only what comes up and then if more come later i am giving myself permission to come back here and add to it.

so while the red book is mainly about dealing with PMS, we have to see the correlation between menopause and PMS. for one they are both imbalances in the body. so all the exercises the red reflexology book will help calm and sooth and nurture your reproductive system back to closer balance.

for emphasis i would focus primarily on the endocrine organs; the pituitary, the pineal, the adrenals and give them some extra love. a strange and un-thought of organ to focus on is the pancreas. mostly the pancreas helps us digest our foods however there is a small part of it that has endocrine function. a good friend and fellow reflexologist of mine has been playing with the pancreas for the past year and noting its effect on hot flashes and sweats. so pull out the map that comes with the red book or find your own map here in the vast data available on the internets and work those endocrine glands helping support the changes occurring in the body and smooth out the transition.

again pituitary is the master glad so hang out with those big toes, the pineal helps all things sleep related, adrenals reduce your stress and calming them helps reduce the amount of stress toxins being dumped into your system, and the pancreas will help your digestion flow and very probably will help reduce those heat related menopause symptoms.

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