red: thoughts on heavy cycles

one of the topics i did not directly address in my new ebook on eliminating pms is heavy menstruation.

there are several reasons i avoided the subject-but i want to address it here and now and get you help.

i avoided it mainly because it is a distress that you can't fix in the moment unlike the other issues i tackled: cramping, headaches, stomach distress-those things can be solved or reduced now and heavy bleeding can't just stop- at least as far as i have seen.

so for those of you who suffer periodically or consistently with heavy menstruation here are some points and reflexive techniques you can play with.

in the section of the ebook called calming the system, any of the reflexes that deal with the endocrine system like the pituitary and the thyroid will help. one endocrine gland that i did not mention is the pancreas so grab the foot and hand maps that are included and work that reflex.

calming the system is designed to help regulate your cycle and reduce all wonkiness and symptoms experienced before, during, and after your period.

working on the uterus reflex is going to help establish communication and healing and will  help reduce the tension or miscommunication that is causing the uterus to act so wonky.

non reflexively things like yoga and pilates are going to help balance your entire body and re-align body imbalances.

i have an inkling that part of the reason for heavy bleeding is uterus tilting-our shoes can have a dramatic effect on our pelvic alignment and structure and high heels may be throwing things off just enough that all the reproductive organs behave badly. even if you no longer wear high heels your body may not have reset and you may still be holding pelvic floor and lower abdominal tension and wonkiness.

these are all just thoughts and suggestions. some of them have helped me out, and some of them have helped out friends and clients. i hope they can make a subtle or dramatic improvement in your experience.

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