talking to the faeries

oh my! i am doing a thing! with the faeries! (and it is kinda scary and exciting all at once)

i am hosting the first ever talk to the faeries call on April 21st at 11am PST

and i am terrified that the faeries won't show up (but if they don't then we can just talk to each other)

see they have been kinda busy stitching the earth back together and trying make things a bit settled and it's hard work. but they really pleaded with me to make this happen so we are going to show up and see what happens.

i have no idea what will happen on this call or even how it will work because i have never done this type of thing on a phone or in a group. and when i do play on phones sometimes they explode-not literally but hang ups happen.

so if you want to come play with me and the faeries here is you fancy pants sign up box. details (like the call in number) will be mailed out next week!

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