this book is not just about pms

even though it says it's all about pms... really it is about so much more.

it is about helping your low back relax and open up to the idea of stress free and bendy.

it talks to the pelvis and the deep inner abdominal regions that no one can travel to or access to help relieve deep tension and let those horribly tight inner hip muscles open just a bit.

this ebook is about nurturing your endocrine system so it can not only help regulate your estrogen and progesterone is can also calm your adrenals and help regulate serotonin and melatonin.

red has reflexology to help you poop or stop pooping and it doesn't matter if this is caused by pms hormones or by food poisoning or travel. it makes the poop right.

it also has magic headache points that ease the cranial tension caused by stress, hormones, migraines or i don't know toothaches.

it's a magic little book that helps in so many many ways.

girls and boys.

because you know boys have parts too, and you can substitute ovary for teste and uterus for prostate and voila! its a book about boy parts! oh my!

but i get it if you don't want or need a magic little book that primarily deals with premenstrual syndrome. because maybe you are done with all that or it just doesn't effect you.

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for the rest of you i am working on reflexology ebook that battle the following:

  •  a magic little book about the digestive system
  • one that deals only with head aches and migraines and TMJ
  • hopefully  there will be a tiny reflexology book all about cold and flu prevention and snot combat fighting