it all started with marshmallows... not really... but during the voyage my business and i took at the end of october i did talk a lot about marshmallows.

and through that i have realized that really i'm tired of being tight and  tense and reactionary and cranky-miss-cranker-pants. i just want to be soft and squishy. like a marshmallow.

so i put together an ebook about permission, and pampering, and the right to choose self care as a lifestyle. as part of it i am currently compiling a GIANT LIST OF PERMISSION or things you can do in 5 minutes.

because everyone knows we have no time for permission, or relaxation, or *gasp* play.

so here's part one (i'd LOVE  to add yours to the list) more to follow every monday through december! this year lets make the holidaze permission filled!

permission to move!

Put on your favorite song and dance Do some flailing aka the Dance of Shiva (see for started kit) Jump rope Walk around the block Do a warrior pose (ninja, knight, pirate) or do one of the variations from yoga Practice ballet (really great leaps and twirls in your own clumsy way) Do some fake (or real) tai chi (just do what flowy stuff feels right) Hula hoop with a real or pretend hoop Jump on a trampoline (real or fake) Jumping Jacks Make a snow angle, in the snow, in fall leaves, in grass or sand or just in the carpet Pretend you are leading a parade around your house Put on Abba and be the ‘dancing queen’ Drive with the windows open Sing really loud in the car Blow bubble and pop them Watch your pet and mimic their movements Roll around on the floor Be a fake ninja or super hero or other action hero or villain Jump on the bed Put on the song ‘American Woman’ or 'short skirt long jacket’ and strut your stuff Do a 5 minute burlesque show, complete with feathers or sparkly things, just for your sexy self

like i mentioned about i would love to have you add your favorite 5 minute move and grove thing that you would like to give yourself permission to do more of. play in the comments!

you can read about the ebook permission to pamper here. it will be born into the world very, very, soon!

hello lurkers let's get our groove on and dance through the comments.