see the nice thing about doing a whole thing about permission is that when you fail at posting the last installment on time you can write your self a permission slip and get away with it. i totally knew today was monday.

i just totally forgot today was monday [well technically yesterday since it is 12:06am on tuesday]

hope no one was waiting around for these last permission slip ideas, and if you were sorry for the wait. the combination of sick + holidays = amy forgetting what work is and where i am in the grand plan and what happens when.

but enough about all of that boring stuff. let's talk about wacky ways to play with permission.

Mix it up:

Put on a wig

Search the house for clues (for 2 minutes wander and connect with items, things or words that pop out to you-write them down-then look all your findings you wrote down and ask what the clue is)

Sweep with an intention; maybe clearing, or removing or discovering

Put on a slip of permission [like an actual slip or dress] and do what you want because you are now the permission slip

Write yourself a postcard and mail it with a secret message

Book an appointment for a tarot or astrology reading

Practice alchemy: get a small clean bottle, combine a few drops of your favorite essential oils, add a bit of oil and voila, brand new yummy scent! wear it always.

Faery lights (Christmas lights here in America) always transform-plug in, hang up and enjoy the sparkles and color

Add things to your wish list

If your library has online list add books you’ve been meaning to read

Put on something beautiful

Curse like a sailor, talk like a pirate or try on a fake accent

After making your morning smoothie, apply part of it to your face as a face mask full of anti-oxidants

Wear a tiara and make proclamations


tell me more! help me think of ways to mix it up, add chaos or play or creativity to your day.

you can buy permission to pamper here and explore more ways to add calm and pampering to your days.

you can also check out a new thing! permission postcards, it's part of amy tries to save the post office and while the write up is kinda lame the post cards are super wonderful.