once upon a time the post office who delivers in rain, sleet, snow or sunshine ran out of money. because no one but junk mail [and movie places] use them.

see people had forgot how to write with pen and paper, cards got ridiculously expensive, people had no time to make their own cards out of glue and found bits. so they all used email and ecards and never bought stamps.

now mail workers-who used to have important jobs getting important things to people-feel sad because mainly they carry junk mail. they also carry netflix and sometimes contemplate what movie might they be putting in your mail box today, which give them a little bit of pleasure.

mail workers also have boring jobs because nothing with giant words or stickers or lumpy bits sealed with a x kiss x travels by mail very often anymore. just credit card ap after credit card ap.

so let's save the post office and entertain the mail people together!

option the first: post from the faeries!

get faery post! normally i sell faery post in 1 mon, 3 mon or 6 mon subscriptions but right now you can get a whole year! weee! a whole year of faery whispers!

it's $123 (because that is a good number) you can pay all at once or in 3 payments of $42 (because that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything)

there is a whole secret page about faery post here

then if that is your option fill in the contact form and you will magically be take to pay pal button.

option the second: permission slips!

there is no write up on these [yet!] but basically the difference between these and faery post is the faeries talk to me and whisper secrets and permission slips are quotes, reminders and permission slips. they are much less work for me then faery post but just as delightful.

in fact you might think they are more delightful, because maybe you hate faeries.

or maybe you just need extra permission showing up in your mailbox.

permission slips come 1-2x per month you can get 3 month, 6 months or a year.

there is no secret page to read more about them yet because they are brand spanking new!

but you can get permission slips delivered using this form [it's the same as faery post so if you have wishes those will translate to permission slips].

[si-contact-form form='2']

click submit and be transported to the thank you now pay me page :D

option the third: do it yourself!

you can make your own post cards and exchange them with friends and family.

i suggest getting a grab bag of images (they change monthly!) from Elizabeth Halt who takes awesome photos and then heading over to moo.com and making postcards or card cards!

i like moo.com even though they are a bit more expensive they are so easy to use it is worth paying money to not being frustrated and get it done fast! and getting lovely packages in the mail with hot pink yay! stickers.


the moral of today's story is...
the post office needs help staying open and you need better mail.
make it happen.