i hates being sick hatesHateshates it

so last week i gots the flu. the one with the soar throat that morphs into the shiver me timbers fever that morphs into the i am so sore sitting on this chair for 8 hours piled under blankets hurts. yes blankets hurt. and sitting, it hurts too, but moving hurts more.

so then it sort of cleared up and went away (for like an hour).

and then it morphed into i have snot but it's not the kind that drips and runs it's the kind that is a solid presence in each of your lymph nodes and drainage passages. it's the sort that makes you want to cry it hurts so bad filling everything up but not moving anywhere.

then i had to go to the dentist. which helped move compacted snot by pressure washing and scraping of the teeth.

but then it moved into my eyeball you guys! and now i have what is probably a viral form of maybe pink eye?!?!? all i know is there was redness and gross things draining out of tear ducks. poor ducks.

so today i wake up and 2 things happen i notice eye is not so red but it has moved into both eyeballs. so yay for less scary red! yuck for crusty, puss filled, itchy eyeballs.

also sore throat is back with the i can't swallow pain.

guess where i am going at 4pm?

to the freaking doctor to find out wtf is up with this morphing flu of misery.

misery people. misery. did i say i hate being sick yet, cause omg! i hate it.

now i am thankful for all the time that i have got to read, and all the netflix streaming i have been able to zone out in front of but i am done! i wants my life back, full of bits of energy and walking omg! i miss walking. and doing things without groaning or moaning or forgetting what the hell i was doing before my brain was exploding with red eyeballs and cement snot.

oh so back to the story part... see what has kept me sane has been using my permission to pamper ebook. watching the netflix while working on my toes (head,neck and sinus reflexes) and making foot baths or bath baths like every single day, some times twice a day (that took a big permission slip). permission to take care of me so i can heal-with nice things that can sometimes be called pampering.

thank you ebook, i made you for other people and never really expected to use you myself but whew! you have saved me!

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