it's time to talk about the planet

but i don't want to

nope i want to watch bollywood films and practice my shimmies and drape myself in beautiful fabrics

but it's time the faeries whisper as so i will listen and share and it will be enough.

the world is shaking things loose. like the serpents skin she's trying to sluff off the old and bring in the new.

problem is we are in the way. and it upsets us when things are destroyed and lit on fire and flooded.

and it's no wonder because like any act of violence it comes upon us undetected and all we can do is react.

it's uncomfortable to be tossed about, harmed, threatened, woken by blaring alarms and taken from our homes-the supposedly safe place we have created only to see them disappear.

but the world-she needs us to listen.

and we keep ignoring her... hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, oil spills... we just keep forgetting

there are too many of us. and we are fragile, and we build in places where she needs to spread her wings so things fall down and people die.

(and life goes on a few souls short until 5 seconds later they are replaces by screaming babies somewhere else.)

the world is falling apart and we refuse to see the connections and change quickly

the world is also falling together.

if anything can break our judgement, our hatred, our racism it will be a natural disaster. the world pays attention, it funnels aide and food and shelter and money.

but then it forgets... we forget

until the world shrugs her shoulders and more things fall apart.

we need to remember we are all in this together. that we are practically the same.

was have to realize we share 50% DNA with our lawn, so that means i must share like 65% or more DNA with that slug and the person next to me well we are almost identical.

life sucks, it's hard, it's always changing and most likely until we figure out how to not strip this planet of everything possible it is only going to get worse.

the weathers changing, there seem to be more earthquakes and people still hate gays or black or terrorists or tailgaters or taxes or gas prices.

so go ahead and waste your tiny precious life being pissed off or depressed. i figure if i am lucky i have another 30-40 years here on this blue floating marble. that's a long time to wake up every morning worrying about the world ending or terrorism or hating someone.

spend more time planting things and having fun. really it will help everything.

today what i can do is plant seeds: tomatoes, corn, pumpkins and peppers plus some flowers for beauty and bees.

after all the bees are having a crap time so some cosmos and poppys might give them some joy.

and me well today you can find me humming along to Hindi and shaking my hips and hoping that by doing what i please and shaking my booty and planting my seeds i can help this planet shake loose some of it's tension and focus it's energy on nurturing my growing garden.

the faeries ,who are the protectors of the earth, say we need a wake up call and if we aren't going to take action and change.... well what do you expect? you'd never let your teenager get away with the crap we have done to this planet.

it's not your fault, but you are part of the ecosystem and you must change.

we must respect that the earth was not meant to live this way just as humans are not meant to sit still.

so today what can you do to be a better person and live in more peace with the planet?

can you smile at someone can you plant some seeds can you take a walk and appreciate your neighborhood can you drink more water can you exercise can you meditate can you recycle can you walk instead of drive

big actions are not necessary.

today i planted seeds and it was enough.