i am always surprised by how successful seeds are. dump them in dirt, add water, and away they go pushing green shoots up through the soil.

it's the next phase that's hard


i can relate

this week me and  my business had some growing pains. some mis-communication, a lost phone number, some people dropping off the planet and a lot of re-arranging.

so i took the hard-the mess ups, the yucks and apologised and added it to the compost bin of business failure and mistakes. because in some ways if i'm not messing up and if everything i direct my attention to thrives-well then there would be no space to see or enjoy everything that does good. right? that is today's justification for mistakes made anyway.

then i took the good things and trimmed them up and gave more water and left it alone.

so plant your seeds, add a bit of water and watch what happens. remember the ones that die off add nutrients to the ones that thrive so don't be afraid to see some of your seeds wither up and croak.

an update on my literal seed planting: the table garden that i planted when the world was falling apart is doing nicely. all but the peppers have made an appearance. everything outside is a bit stunted  due to the rain and the lack of sun. we are hoping that turns around soon or here in seattle we might seriously start growing mold on our bodies.