when thing get hard, get up

or at least roll over.cats today i wrote a really, really hard letter to the business coaching service i have become frustrated with. i grew up in that hour of writing, and it was one of the hardest things i have ever done.

to reward myself i took myself and my husband on a walk to our favorite park in west seattle, lincoln park. it was beautiful, woods, leaves, puget sound a lovely lovely walk.

we came home to our back door kicked in.

we had been robbed. in the 90 minutes we were gone someone decided to relieve us of several shelves of cds(i hope the irony hits them as they realize they stole all soundtracks haha bastards!) office supplies?wtf? a laptop,  my jewelry boxes and the cute clay animals i made in college pottery who lived next to the jewelry.

we are ok. we are in fact good. there was no trashing of the house or breaking of random stuff (besides the door)

i have saged, and burnt incense and cooked and cleaned. this is my house. it is my sanctuary and no one can take that away.

it took a bit for the cats to come out again but they were both ok.

it reminds you what is important. cats. number one priority. i keep remembering things that were in my jewelry box and most of it can't be replace (both sad and freeing) but my family is together.

the sad thing is the stupidity of me not making time to get my ass to the bank and having too much cash in one place from the work week. you live, you learn.

what i refuse to do is become a victim. to be fearful or suspicious or terrorized.

i will instead respond in well interest, because what makes someone respond this way?

someday i may have compassion and even love for someone who takes things form others, but not today.