hello world!

moving things over here has been a fun project. eric and i have been sharing a kitchen counter and chaos has henonpupbeen traveling across his laptop to get to my lap. i was a bit afraid the laptop was becoming awfully hairy from chaos's  travels but then it got stole so now it is someone else's cleaning nightmare. so here we are! the new improved barefoot phoenix with a blog that looks like the website! my heart is happy.

please be warned that wordpress has allowed me to edit my webpages whenever i feel like it so watch out world. this means that things aren't finalized here but they are good enough to launch. someday soon we shall have a actual launch party! although because i am me... things will always change :D especially the specials page under menu.

you may have to update your rss feed for the 3 of you out there who subscribed to my phoenixbodywork blog. sorry about that, like i said over there i pushed the little re-direct button but i have no idea if it works.

hope you all are well and warm. choas and i are enjoying some lap snuggles and a cup of tea on this foggy morning.

in fun news i have been searching through old pictures to find my wearing jewelry (which is almost impossible) and found pictures from a Princess Party i held many years ago. i am thinking i must host another one soon because what is better then looking through your memories and seeing all these fabulous women in tiara's.