life is like a garden

if only i could remember this more oftentree-tarot-small things need to be watered

weeds need to be pulled

flowers come and burst forth in glorious color, then die-only to feed the next round of flowers, gently scattering their seeds for next years appearance.

i'm afraid i will never be done with my garden. this is a thought of comfort and dread. it seems as if i will never be able to keep up, that i don't enjoy the beauty enough, that there is never enough time for it. and yet today as i surveyed the front i realized i was almost complete with it. that i had worked long and hard to establish this beauty and at this point it could now almost take care of itself. such joy and sadness in that realization. my front garden now only needed me a few times a year to trim up and a few drinks of water during the summer.

thank goodness i walked around to corner to be confronted with the chaos that is my back and side yard-but even they will only need maintenance in the coming years.

grass-you have been warned soon you shall be ripped out and replaced with carpets of moss and thyme, maybe an herb spiral and definitely a chicken coop.

maybe in 7 years the neighbors will let me take over their yard :D

until then may i continue to learn life lessons from my garden

  • about rest
  • about compost
  • about pulling that which is killing/stifling you
  • about trimming back the unnecessary growth
  • about bursting forth in all your glory
  • about seeding for the next time around
  • about loving where you live and digging in roots
  • about faith that even if this doesn't work out-well the effort will fertilize someone else's growth