do you know?

when work feels like fun and you adore where you are and what you are doing. there are as many possibilities as stars

i love that.

i think this might be what happens when we continually say YES and pray that someday things will work out.

writing faery postcards to people i've played with and people i've never met is the most delightful thing ever.

surprises leap out of my pen and i find myself writing things that feel so true they could only have come from beyond me.

i only hope the person on the receiving end finds them as useful.

since everything gets filtered through me, i find nuggets of wisdom and reminders of insight, and truth, and joy and peace and forgiveness.

right now faery post is closed for the year long membership but you can buy one month of post for $8.  a new year long subscription will open at the end of November to begin at winter solstice-save your gold :D

go here and enter i<3fairies where prompted to read more.

faery FAQ page is coming soon- what are your questions that i can include on the frequently asked question page?