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ask the faeries part 1

faery, what i doamythoughts

i have been getting some awesome questions from my friends at the kitchen table and until i create an actual faerie FAQ page i thought i would answer some of your questions here. how do the faeries know just the right thing to say?

well, when you sign up for faery post you fill out a place that says wishes or intentions you want to faeries to give you information on. so when i sit down to write your postcard i look at that box and ask them what they want to tell you about making those things happen.

sometimes i will come across a quote or a story and i will have this alarm sound in my  head this is for someone! i always keep the next round of postcards addressed so i leaf through until they say stop and i write it down.

if you haven't put an intention or wish in the box-no worries, the faeries will still whisper what you need to know in your ears.

how do you talk to the faeries?

this is sort of hard to describe--so when i want to talk to the faeries it's like i travel down a road in my brain and when i get to the faeries house i go and knock on their door. when i want to talk with the spirit guides i go to their house and when i want to talk with spirit animals i stop in at their place.

it's like that hallway with doors from one of the matrix movies, or floor 13 1/2 or there are so many other movie references to these in-between places where you can talk to others.

it's like a community of energetic beings all living down that one street in my brain. obvious other people who talk to faeries, or channel source or spirit guides are going to say very different and possibly much more eloquent things. for me it's like going to my neighbors house with a salad for the potluck.

basically to me, sometimes being psychic is really just understanding your schizophrenia and being ok with all the voices, telling you things.