permission slips

so here in the world of self help and self care we talk a lot

about giving and receiving permission. and sometimes i get it and sometimes i don't. so i wanted a unique and awesome solution. one that i could invoke as necessary.

so i went to rally and genus ideas exploded in my brain.

but they were so good they were scary and i avoided them. but then my trusty cat chaos became super restless, my hands started hurting, and i knew part of it was because i was not following the prompting of the faeries and the genius idea they gave me at rally.

genius idea # 6-permission slips

slips you can wear or hang on your wall that give you permission to do what you need to do.

i adore them!

a million and a half years ago a friend and i held a womens retreat where we all contributed to one slip and then mailed it around the country/world. it got lost somewhere or something--we have never seen nor hear from it in at least a million years.

but at the rally-with all the costumes i got to thinking-the playground needs one of these permission slips. so that when i want that piece of pie made by the ostric across the street, but i am feeling all guilty about it--i can go put on a permission slip and dance to the pie shop without any hesitation.

in fact i need a permission slip to slip into at least 3 times a day. so i went to the thrift store and bought me some old slips and shifts (pj's) and then i got me to the crafty store for the few things i was missing and set to work.

what i did not expect to happen

was for my slips to take on personalities.

this is Beatrice-she is a princess-excuse me-Queen and she has super back stregthening powers, as seen in the picture, for those of us who carry around to much "stuff."

as i was cutting and sewing they started talking to me. my first slip-Dorothy told me about all these adventures and well i chalked it up to my wandering brain. but when Beatrice started talking i kinda thought i was loosing it.

and then i figured i should just embrace my insanity and write their story out. so that whomever buys the permission slip-well they also get a story of all the magical powers infused while the slip was being created and of all the super hero attributes that come with the slip. (i have 2 new ones who super powers are shedding/growing and invisibility-we haven't got to names yet because i had to share here)

then you add your own stories once you become best friends.

so the permission slips aren't for sale yet. i expect with in the next two weeks to have them up in my currently empty etsy store. I don't know how much they will cost. i am going to dream on it but i think i am going to let the each lady chose her number-it's kinda only fair that she get a say.

more soon with picture updates!