365 days of faery

so i started talking over in facebook and then very sneakily forgot to tell anyone i was actually doing it. but that's ok --it got me to start and not feel too much pressure or decide to bail before people were watching...

what happens in 365 days of faery?

basically the faeries leave daily love notes and i post them on my business or fan page [whatever facebook calls them now.] and you can follow or friend or snoop or ignore as desired! i'm commited to doing this for a year and we shall see what happens.

if you want to follow the free daily posts from the faeries they are here on the facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Seattle-WA/Barefoot-Phoenix/73287893646?ref=ts

<- you can also click the "f" over there- and in theory that should take your right there!

still can't find it- basically search for barefoot phoenix on facebook and you should find them chatting away. more peeps over there would be loverly. you will know you are there when you see the phoenix.

there for some reason is no way to say hi it's really  me amy! you are in the right place, but maybe the fact that everything has <3 faeries will give you enough of a  clue

i suppose i am behind the curtain :D muhahaha and facebook doesn't want you to see me *cue more cackling*