faeries on fridays #9

Several weeks ago now we went to see the movie Brave. In it were two themes the faeries wanted to talk about: Wishes and Wil o Wisps

The following is an excerpt about the wisp and fate. To read about wishes sign up for Betwixt and Between!

In Brave these great floaty blue wisps appeared to the young girl and we learned from the mother that the wisps are thought to lead you to your fate. Things happen and we fast forward many years.

After a conflict and teenage running away we end up and enter a sacred stone circle. The wil o wisp appears again.

Stuff happens, eventually everything turns out for the best as right before the wil o wisp transforms and you can hear it say "save me" all through the film we have hear the wisp make noise but never understood them as words.

This is important in faery - often we can't understand them, their words, what they want us to do anything until the very last moment when we have changed so much that something shifts inside and we understand.

it is the way of things.

Always has been and most likely always will be. You have to be dumb, deaf, and blind - a clunky human willing to follow the lead of a tiny blue light.

Fate has never been about stepping on a path an KNOWING where you are going and what you are doing. It is always about bumbling along, clunky and dumb, not understanding anything, doing it wrong and getting to a point where you look back and realize you've actually been on a path carved just for you.

Sometimes fate will be generous and give you glimpses and when you are about to give up will push you forward but fate is always about not understanding a damn thing and just reacting until suddenly the clouds part and you get it. Then you pick up the next path and wander.

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