i am starting a new thing, it is called betwixt and between and it is a series of one post a week to explore the world of faery. i have ideas about what this might be and turn into but in 'reality' the faeries have complete control of the situation.

to give you an idea of what the posts are about and to lure you into possibly purchasing them i will be putting up an excerpt from each post every friday for the next 52 weeks.

i know this experiment is partially so that i may better hear the faery, but mostly it is a processing and distilling of information so that the next classes, blog posts, learning can come into the world and find you.

without further ado...

I want to believe in faeries...

Five years ago (no-it must have been about 8 years ago now) I found myself saying yes to the most bizarre retreat I have ever been on. At the time I was in a 9 month shamanic training, learning skills about how to trust myself, how to be empathic yet detached and getting a whole lot of grounding and healing in the process.

In the midst of that a training caught my eye. I have always been interested in anything relating to Celtic mythology and spiritual practices and in comes a retreat called Faery Doctoring.

Ancient Celtic wisdom and healing it said. So I said YES.

And I showed up. Completely uncomfortable with the fact that I was here, that I was studying shamanism-let alone faeries with a bunch of people I did not know.

It was weird...

I also left with the knowing that I didn't need a prescribed path laid before me, that I was lucky and could just ask various energies for help and guidance. It's bizarre when you run into something you've known all your life but finally identified. For me talking to the faeries was so natural it felt like breathing. Part of me watched form the sides wondering doesn't everyone do this?

And maybe they do. They just don't call what they are talking to faeries. Maybe they call it talking to God, or just talking to myself.

And maybe other people also have those voices answer back. But I don't think that is the case.

Which is why I am here.

To say, don't give up. Someone is talking to you and trying to get you valuable information.

Maybe you haven't found the volume nob. Maybe they are speaking in a foreign language. Maybe all you hear is static. Maybe they are leaving you clues in nature or on post-it notes around the city.

But don't give up.

And if you do, or have days that you just can't believe any longer. Look over here and I will wave to you and you can know that I can hold the belief for both of us today.

Because for 6 years, I wanted to believe so desperately it would make my heart break, but I just couldn't stand the thought of being disappointed or disproved or or strange or whatever. But then I found a space where it was ok to walk into a group of strangers and introduce myself as a faery doctor.  (hello Havi and the playground) And from that day to this one, and hopefully well into the future, every cell of my body knows faeries are real and they are everywhere.

It matters not if what you believe is real.

It only matters that you believe it might be.

And suddenly the universe cracks open just a bit, and everything is possible.

"...do you think faeries really do exist? She considers this a moment. "Yes, I think so. I mean, if you buy a bird house, you're inviting the birds to come. It's the same with the faeries: if you buy a faery house, you are inviting the faeries to come." excerpt from Faery Tale: one woman's search for enchantment in a modern world by Signe Pike

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