faeries on fridays #1

i am starting a new thing, it is called betwixt and between and it is a series of one post a week to explore the world of faery. i have ideas about what this might be and turn into but in 'reality' the faeries have complete control of the situation.

to give you an idea of what the posts are about and to lure you into possibly purchasing them i will be putting up an excerpt from each post every friday for the next 52 weeks.

i know this experiment is partially so that i may better hear the faery, but mostly it is a processing and distilling of information so that the next classes, blog posts, learning can come into the world and find you.

without further ado...

we start with beauty.

The faeryunderstand beauty, it's appeal and how it feeds multiple aspects of our soul just by existing.

When you find an object of beauty you don't need to fill your life with trinkets or things. You can live comfortably and simply in a room full of 5 objects exquisitely chosen. When you deny yourself these objects because they cost too much or you feel undeserving of their magic watch and see how you buy and spend more on crap trying to fill the hole you created with your denial. Now we aren't telling you to run up your credit card bill or be irresponsible. But we will always nudge you to figure out a way to simplify so that you can possess objects of beauty that speak to your soul.

Many times beauty cannot be possessed. It is a sunset, standing at the ocean watching dolphins jump, wandering the beach and finding a heart shaped rock. Some of these things can be captured in part by camera, words or art. We encourage you to start documenting how and when beauty arrives in your life, so that you may begin to see it happens a lot more often then you might think. While these photos or words cannot fully express or contain the emotional, physical awesomeness of beauty it can remind you and help you to recapture that pulling in your soul so that you can attract more to you.

You cannot live without beauty.

Even in the most destitute places, the most horrid conditions you can find beauty. It might be the saris of the women in India roaming the trash piles, or the songs of the dirty, starving children all over the world, or even the blood splatter after a violent conflict.

The flame is beautiful but if treated unwisely the fire will consume.

Learn to see beauty in your everyday.

Learn to look for it.

Expect it to arrive.

We will revisit this theme many times over the coming year. It is the way into a relationship with faery, with spirit, with divine, with the universe. The more you can connect with and magnify the beauty in your life, the more it will shine it's blessings upon you, and the more you can see and interact with that which is not always a part of the "normal" world. With that which is beyond, or betwixt and between "reality".

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