i am starting a new thing, it is called betwixt and between and it is a series of one post a week to explore the world of faery. i have ideas about what this might be and turn into but in 'reality' the faeries have complete control of the situation.

to give you an idea of what the posts are about and to lure you into possibly purchasing them i will be putting up an excerpt from each post every friday for the next 52 weeks.

i know this experiment is partially so that i may better hear the faery, but mostly it is a processing and distilling of information so that the next classes, blog posts, learning can come into the world and find you.

without further ado...

we talk about the pain of loosing faith in magic and loosing the belief of faeries...

After all you came here to find us, to believe again, to connect, to pretend, to expand, to find hope, to cry and to laugh.

... letter to faeries ...

Why weren't we there? It seems you look so many times and it seems there is so much disappointment. You tried the magic keys, you looked in all the rabbit holes, you went into every wardrobe you could find but never was there a door.

How sad. How discouraging. How disappointing, and frustrating, and tragic and so many other yucks.

I am sure many of you reading have had similar experiences, ones in which you fully, truly believed in something only to have it never arrive.

We aren't going to try and justify the actions of our fellow faeries for not making things more obvious but we do want to try and explain a bit about how things work. Because it's important. Not only to re-kindle you love for all things magical and whimsical but also because it helps with things like the law of attraction.

See we are energy. (and so are you coincidentally) We don't really exist here, I mean we do but we don't often take physical form. So when we do decide to take form we usually pick something that you will understand, that won't terrify you and that you can relate to.

So you are a small person using your magic stick to try and get into the magic tree, and to help you out we might have appeared as a super curious squirrel or a butterfly or a caterpillar. We might also have taken the form of a passer by who engaged you in curiosity and encouraged you to keep searching.

... more on appearing and manifesting  ...

We are sorry if you felt alone and hopeless and lost the spark of magic.

We are so glad you are here and trying to rekindle it again.

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