so we (my Eric and I) went to Los Angeles for a film festival. here is my story. Pre L.A.

The Scared Me: oh my gosh! what am i going to wear? i don't own any shoes anymore that are dress up shoes. i can't loose 10 pounds in a week maybe i should just wax my entire body. what if i hate everyone there?

Me: wow there is a lot of angst going on up there in your brain. let's not wax everything. let's see if people can lend us some clothes and let's treat our self to a new pair of shoes.

and if you hate everybody there you are going to a film festival so you can just sit int he movie theater all day and talk to no one.

also we booked you a home with a tiny pony and art supplies. you can shovel poo or draw all day.

The Scared Me: oh hiding is an option. ok.  i can do this. i like hiding, especially while looking at a tiny pony.

but i still think i am totally going to hate it there.


Arrives in L.A.

The Scared Me: Ahhh! hallways in airports. Why are there so many hallways in this airport?

Me: look at the pretty colors. gosh are we still walking, there are a lot of hallways here.

Scared Me: Ahh what is this bright thing in the sky? Geez it's hot outside. this feels kinda nice. look at all this traffic, how annoying.

Me: mmmmmm suuuuuun. yay! palm trees!

Scared Me: no way can this house be cuter than it was in the photos.

Me: yep it's cuter than it was in photos. AHHH tiny pigs! bunnies! hummingbird in my freaking face! bougainvillea flowering everywhere!


the next morning there was a humming bird taking a bath in our fountain.

Scared Me: fuck you L.A. i so want to hate you and you tempt me with your cute animals. why is there nature here? this city is supposed to be yucky!

stupid cute humming bird-stop it!

Meeting People in L.A.

Scared Me: all people in LA are egotistical bastards so don't expect anyone to listen to you or be interesting.

also they are all too pretty and fake.

Me: hmmm i think we should actually just say hi and sit in the corner for a little while while the scared part of self runs around in panic.

she will see that there are awesome people all around.

at least 4 of them she knows from Seattle.

also maybe she will see lots of these people are also scared.

Sacred Me: hey that guy who made a short about cats was cool. and mostly not scary.

Me: yep

Scared Me: hey when we saw that guy again later, he lives here and he told us cool places to eat. i like food.

also i was useful and held things while people got their pictures taken.

Me: maybe all we need to do is find you a job.

Sacred Me: hmm i take back my mean-ness about people who live here. they have all been super nice and the dumb ones have been people who came to town from elsewhere. ok maybe people don't suck in L.A. after all they told me people were rude and shitty in New York City and you met the nicest and most helpful people everywhere in NYC.

(maybe it's a rumor like how we tell everyone it always rains here in Seattle. which it actually sort of is drip, drip.)

and so proceeded the trip... there were moments of meltdown and panic and fear and crying but really that happens all the time here so it's not L.A.

we made sure to go hiking in canyons a lot. and met many people for meals. we were having so much fun in other places we barely saw movies at the festival. oops.

and that is my visit to L.A. in a nutshell.

we had so much fun we are planning a fall trip back to visit places we did not get to see (all in the name of research and possibility, because when you are married to a film composer, L.A. might be a place to get more work.)