reports on the rally!RALLY!

went to a rally! RALLY! and met some amazing folks who got stuff done! can i just exclaim how much i adore the whole rally! thing. getting your shit done while not at your space with your distractions = brilliant.

problem is i can't seem to stop being on rally! all i want to do is create and dream and write and unfortunately that does not yet make me monies.

so i am declaring myself officially home from rally!RALLY! and sad though it may be you can now call me for a tarot reading, a reflexology session or whatever your heart desires. which will be fun! hanging out with me, and tea and getting self care--i love my "job" how great is it that i get to make people feel better and talk to them about how awesome they are becoming.

as far as all the genius ideas and solutions to stuck and blah--the spirit of rally will stay here with me and help me sort through all my notes and create more and better awesome just for you.

the best part about rally!RALLY! was having Havi say to me"it hurts me that people aren't throwing money at you" obviously i will work on that. you can come see me and i will graciously stand here while you throw your spare dollars at me-please keep your change, i am not a wishing well and coins hurt so just throw the paper kind of monies at me.

circus side show note: mwhahaha i have now corrupted 7 more people into doing and/or having an evil cackle. someday there will be video of said cackle, until that time you must join me at an event hosted by Havi, because it comes out often there. maybe it's that i feel a strange compulsion to take over the world surrounded by her and her awesome people. (in case you are wondering the evil cackle does not come out during healing sessions-my clients and i find it alarming to cackle while trying to relax. now in tarot sessions--if the evil cackle does not appear some other form of manic laugh usually does.)

also spending 4 days talking to faeries followed by 3 days at the ocean = wonkiness trying to re-enter Real Life. so once again let me declare i am home-you can call me to make an appointment or better yet sign up for faery post so i can keep talking to faeries all day long.

oh and a room full of costumes=necessity. by the end i was creating full costume awesomeness complete with bustle. there is a picture floating in space somewhere-i will post it when it appears.