reasons 1-88 why i love rally!

1. Havi 2. Selma and her scarf

3. visiting the playground

my bed is a ship

4. meeting new people

5. having an excuse to stay at the Kennedy School

6. visiting with the schmoppet

7. drinking out of zombie glasses

8. Pie across the street from an ostrich

9. the grilled cheese bus

10. 3 days of doing nothing but talking to myself

11. the art store west of the playground

12. tot-choes which while yummy and delicious will not be got again

13. townsend tea east of the playground

14. new seasons at Killingsworth and 33rd is my new grocery love

15. going up to the faery door and ringing the bell

16. the refueling station

17. the keys in the refueling station

the rally gator on the bed guarding my projects

18. making friends with a rally-gator

19. spending an entire 3 hours doing nothing but talking to my monsters

20. dance of shiva in a group

21. rolling around on the floor everyday at 4pm

22. the amazing conversations with people who show up for rally

23. the walk back and forth from the Kennedy School to the Playground

24. a door with a pirate duck on it

25. the men's bathroom on the second floor (hey ours was broken)

26. coming home with a journal full of rally ideas and goodnesses

27. having genius insights

28. finally understanding a piece of the stuck

29. dancing with the resistance

30. lavender lemonade

31. crepes

32. being applauded for having a salad and dessert crepe

33. having smart awesome people want to help you with your thing

34. cackling for 4 days at every opportunity available

35. an entire HUGE table full of costumes

36. being encouraged to put on said costumes

37. coming home with art ideas

38. allowing myself to hide

39. soaking with friends

40. bad action flicks at the couch theater

41. chalkboards for walls

42. pirate monkey tree decals

43. having dinner with a pirate queen and her first mate

44. two weeks after rally has passed, still being inspired by rally

45. still having brilliant ideas post rally

46. where else can you take a meditation cushion, some scarves and make a bustle dress

47. are you still reading this?

48. then you should sign up for the february rally

49. so much laughing, even during the hard

50. quiet amazing space that you can wander through and see others furiously working

51. the click clacking of typing fingers

52. the smiles as you walk by others doing their thing

53. the snores coming from the corner while napping happens

54. the fact that we are encouraged to nap and feel safe enough to nap

55. alberta street

56. multi colored houses with ratty couches on porches that is so portland

57. seeing friends who live in portland!

58. getting lost in the horribleness that is SW portland and swearing with new found rallion

59. completing art projects at home and being sad cuz i don't have people to celebrate with me at the end of the day

60. popping bubbles

61. poking bears in the stomach to get at said bubbles.

62. tea

63. french bakery across the street

64. too many places to eat at making decision making hard

65. squeezing around a booth with awesome people

66. the lamps at the playground-works of art i tell you-horrendously beautiful and so very, very perfect.

67. did i mention yet that i have a whole notebook of ways i can make money as soon as i get it all together

68. people who say yay! and celebrate

69. getting to have a new super power every day

70. drawing my force field around me every day, multiple times a day has helped me remember how useful boundaries are

71. seriously if you are still reading this you obviously want to come to a rally, find a way to make it happen.

72. 3 days talking to faeries-insightful

73. sun, sun, sunny portland

74. the drive from seattle to portland

75. the journal questions at the end of shiva nata-wow!

76. having so much fun at rally it doesn't matter any longer how to pay for it because exponential growth of funds cannot help but happen post rally

77. practice for projectizing at home

78. did i mention the really amazing people? cuz fun, and creative, and amazing

79. seeing photos of the balloon festival in new mexico which i so need to go to

80. stories about places i never thought to visit and now i wants too cuz cool people live there

81. there are no starbucks within walking distance that i saw! amazing!

82. trees-portland has big trees

83. the graffiti vandals cam but they left buzzy bees type graffiti which i liked if i have to look at graffiti

84. a strong need to make things, and having work get in the ways of my projects

85. it's fun

86. narnia wardrobes in kennedy school to put clothes and self and project in

87. putting projects to be is a useful thing to learn

88. rally-gators that guard your project and like to snuggle in your bed