things i know about... rally!

rally! yay! Havi and Selma and Schmoppet yay! rally! yay!

new friends yay!

new spelling of my name: amyxxx the x are silent and are kisses if you want them.

space and time are different at rally.

there are costumes for everything.

even normal things like going pee transform into magical experiences of release and expelling and looking at the clouds fly by in the skylight.

food tastes better and you are either extremely hungry or very content.

pretzel sticks, which i normally don't care about, are the best thing ever and maybe it's just because they come in a wine glass but i think it might be more than that.

looking at other peoples projects, adventures and nest are inspirational even when i understand nothing about it.

yay! stars on the ceiling that sort of freak me out because they move but are super magical.

cushions on the floor and lots of blankets are super comfortable.

no matter how many times you wander around and notice things there are even more layers to see the next time around. it's like things pop in and out of existence or different dimensions.

by working on yourself you really are working on everything else especially your business.

looking up and seeing people wander by in costume is delightful!

i really like listening to music, i rarely ever listen to music at home as so much is always being created in the basement. at this rally i listened to it all the time.

i created little nests for all the friends i kept collecting and gathering around my space.

friends whisper secrets all  the time and at rally it's easier to pay attention to the talking dragon.

tiny unicorns hold many secrets they aren't ready to tell me.

you can totally create rally! at home, but an entire giant space filled with magical people who are also on rally! is super motivating and that energy is so delicious you just want to bottle it up and wear it everywhere.

people glow-even in the yuck and stuck there is a glow.

rally is simultaneously a celebration, a declaration, an endurance test and reshuffling of everything you though you knew.

taking 3 days to focus on who i am and what i want is so uncomfortable and yet so comforting-it's crazy enlightening.