here's what i can do in 2012

If the world is ending and the messiah arrives, you first plant a tree and then see if the story is true.

Rabbinical Teaching

well that just solves all the problems right there. in many ways we forget that drastic measures don't necessarily make us a deeper believer, it just means we really needed to purge all our stuff.

so instead of worrying whether or not this will be the last year in our lives i think i might follow the advices of others and plant my garden. i don't think i shall run up my credit card bills or sale my house because if the story proves to be just a story well i'd like to have somewhere to live next winter. and if the story is true all my debt is wiped out that way and no one will care whether i have a house or not as no one will be here.

and i think i shall plant some trees and flowers because they make me and the birds and bees and kitties happy and if they get destroyed in the apocalypse then more compost! and if they survive but i don't the animals might enjoy them and if i survive i will delight in seeing them next year too.

it's all very simple. you keep making responsible choices based on love and everything works out all right in the end.

or mr. barry sums it up even nicer for me.

We are the place where the universe dreams.

Thomas Barry

so i am going to dream of warm vacations away from seattle winters, and flowers all summer, and too much zucchini in the garden and happy, happy raspberry plants producing berries all summer.

and i'm going to manifest a bigger space for my business and dreams and trust that following this joy, i'm dreaming the universe more love and delight and beauty.

and mostly i am going to follow the YES

and while the planet and the population might be sick, i am going to dream of health and peace and even more love.